Huntsville's Door Youth Centre launches call/chat service to support teens through Covid-19

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Muskoka Post Staff

The Door Youth Centre is excited to announce the launch of a new call/chat service aimed to support young people in Muskoka during Covid-19.

James Hunt is the area director for Youth Unlimited YFC Highlands and said the launch of 'YU Chat' offers youth an easy way to connect with caring adults in response to the Covid-19 pandemic through a voice and text service.

Youth will be able to reach YU Chat using a phone at 1-800-991-8984 or through a web chat portal at The service is currently focused on youth in communities across Central Ontario and Muskoka and available 12 hours a day from Noon to Midnight, Monday - Friday.

Marcy Hill is the Door Youth Centre's ministry director and said she is "excited to be on the phones myself tonight."

"This group of individuals at Highlands are determined that our youth will have a door open. It may not be our litteral youth center but on the other line of that phone on the call-ins or the chat for those more comfortable they will find a youth leader who truly cares how they are doing. Lots of youth are feeling trapped and alone and they need to know we are all still here for them," said Hill.

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