In It Together with Door teen contributor Madi Jones; What the world needs now is love and kindness

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Madi Jones

This world was supposed to be of peace and love. Currently, what I see is filled with deceit. It's a place where we constantly judge others based on appearances, upbringing, gender, and even sexuality. But we’re reassuring ourselves that we are all good. Being a youth and having to grow up seeing this, it harms our generation and our own morals.

Children are sponges of their parents. If a parent is racist or sexist, the child will think that's okay and act the same. When I was a kid, I grew up around everyone, my mom raised me with the motto treat everyone with kindness. But at school I’ve seen kids being picked on for being fat, for being gay, for having slightly different skin than the majority. Why do we allow children to feed off hate? Even I, a teenager am baffled by how we treat people.

We don’t respect the teachers, we don’t respect the school. The amount of things that have happened in the school this year alone is surreal. Sometimes I think I’m in some bad high school comedy. I for one, see everyone who works there as a human, I don’t treat them any differently than I would someone else. Working in customer service has made me realize how to treat the people on the other side of the counter -the employees. I’m not here to share all the awful tales of society, I’m only writing what I think could be solutions to some of our problems.

When was the last time you told someone you loved or cared for them? We have a certain set of people who we would tell that we love them. I think we should change that. Your close friends, tell them that you love them and how much you appreciate them. Of course, don’t go up to your boss and say “I love you” but tell them that you care, show them that you care. Show a teacher you care by not fooling around in class, show your boss you care by doing your job, and tell the ones you love, that you love them. If we told everyone who we thought needed to hear that word of warmth, we would all be happier. That wouldn’t solve all of our problems of course, but it doesn’t hurt to do. You don’t have to follow the herd instead follow the beat of your own drum, don’t purposely alter your morals to be similar to others strive to be your own unique self.

I have always strived to have my “own signature” in life. I grew up on David Bowie and I love how he saw everything in the world. I strive to be my own Bowie, to do what I want, and not care what others think. I have had many follow me in my path, whether it was mere support or me influencing them, but I was following my own morals. Of course, it takes time to do but with the help of my friends and my family, I have learned how to perceive the world. I learned how to show people love. Instead of keeping this philosophy to myself, I help out at The Door, which is a youth centre run by Director, James Hunt and Ministry Director, Marcy Hill. They have drop ins, yoga, youth group, and much more. With their motto being “Be here, be you, belong” it reminds me that we shouldn’t be afraid of ourselves. Treat people with kindness and maybe the world will fill itself with peace and love.

In It Together is a Muskoka Post weekly column with contributions from director Marcy Hill and teen guest contributors from The Door Youth Centre in Huntsville.

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