It takes Hard work to Maintain a Healthy Immune System & for some of you Too Much hence the Tyranny

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The below Facebook post goes a long way in describing why some are not subscribers to unnecessary vaccinations (FYI that does not mean ALL vaccinations for those of you who like to label everyone who critically thinks about pharmaceuticals as anti-vaxxers) and go really easy on the doctor visits - and miraculously some live a very long time.

To maintain a healthy immune system you must first and foremost exercise, this doesn't have to be an hour of mountain climbers (though great to incorporate) but movement. This one simple piece of advice does not receive and hasn't over the years as much recognition as it should. A consistently whole foods filled diet (shopping the outer aisles of grocery stores), you have to develop enough self awareness to manage your stress levels and do things which bring you back to balance. Eating well and exercising are not the only things you should be doing to reduce stress but are the key to this equilibrium. Ontario's premier encouraging to eat McDonalds and cookies on the regular (I don't care what charity its for! it's not good for public health and aren't we standing on our heads right now to protect public health) is hypocritical at the very least. This balance also includes alcohol - yes we all love our wine, beer, and margaritas but it must be in moderation. We have such an issue with booze that it is considered essential. Think about that. Not a dessert or a social delight with friends but an essential item to live.

Your well being is a complete connection between your mind, body and soul and it's not talked about enough. It takes a lot of work and focus on the vehicle which is carrying you through this virus and bacteria infested world. If you abuse it, mistreat it or simply ignore it and leave it on auto pilot till it breaks you'll develop secondary health conditions, i.e; 67% of Canadians are overweight, 42% of Americans are obese - these stats result in high stroke and heart attack numbers, secondary to that is diabetes. Moral of this story; taking care of your body and as an extension your immune system takes hard work. We have to admit that first. Then do everything to promote preventive strategies before we have a co-hesively functioning health care system. When you fail to underline how important self maintenance is and focus on building further stress by the never ending expansion of the economy thus increasing hours of work, shift work, etc., the less you focus on human beings who require a certain environment to be well.

Imagine if more people became well and our health care system received a chance to breath. Imagine if we relied less on pharmaceutical intervention and allowed our body the chance to balance itself - yes you have to actively work on that. Our body and biomechanics operate like a machine and we have our own systems in place for survival - look up Wimhof. Couple that ability with our current knowledge of science, biology, immunity, and in reality our species at this point should require very little outside medical intervention. And yet here we are "saving" humanity with a viral vaccine. We are not killing people by breathing fresh air. Stop believing that nonsense. People have been slowly killing themselves over the last few decades and sped the process up in the last couple while being aided and abetted by the government. Passing away over life expectancy is also ok, it's sad af but ok because no one gets out alive.

So until your body functions as it should by providing you with breath everyday and allowing you to open your eyes each morning you should focus on working harder for that body on your own and for yourself while relying less on others to do it for you. Self accountability and responsibility are the wonderful virtues of adulthood. It's the year 2020 and if you need help to get started there are literally millions of resources available - it simply takes the awakening and will power on your part to start being responsible for your life and immunity.

This is Steven explaining why he won't get Covid vaccinated.

"I am 43 years old. I have not been to a doctor for over 20 years (aside from a colonoscopy at 40). I have not received any type of vaccination or inoculation since I was a child. I don't take any medications, supplements or vitamins. In my entire lifetime, I have probably taken less than 10 sick days. I very rarely get sick, less than once a year and even that would be something minor such as a cough or cold. I have never had anything worse. In short, I probably have the strongest immune system out of everyone else I have ever encountered in my life. So, either I am a demi-God, or, my immune system is doing a fantastic job on its own, with no outside help.

I'm writing this because I see and hear how many people are desperately waiting to get the COVID vaccine. I'll say it now, you would have to physically restrain me or kill me before I would ever allow such a thing to be administered to me against my will. For me to willingly accept such a vaccine, you would have to assure me with 100% scientific based facts that not doing so would 100% result in my death. Anything short of that and I will gladly take my own chances and accept the "risk".

For those of you wanting the vaccine, I will never understand you. To vaccinate against something that you have 0.2% chance of contracting, and even if you do, only have 0.1% chance of dying from is simply ridiculous.

Your body was designed to protect you with your own immune system and antibodies. Think for a minute, do you really want something that was rushed to the market with very limited testing injected into your body? Even worse, the vaccine manufacturers have complete immunity from liability so there would be NO possibility of compensation from severe complications, or worse, death.

Open your eyes, wake up to the reality of the situation and stop believing everything the government and mass media are shoving down your throat. You have a brain for independent thought, use it."

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