Let’s get real Muskoka; There is an entire generation of women with body image issues. Here is why.

Editorial - Ags Real Moment

My friends call me Ags and what I’m about to write about should level us out as friends.

Once in a while to break the monotony of the news cycle you’ll get an Ags real moment drop.

Here is today’s.

As I scroll through Facebook and see something like this picture above, ladies I pause. I pause because something so simple is so hard to believe. How crazy is it that I really want to believe this statement and yet my mind doesn’t accept it.

I’ve been struggling with body image for decades and I’m not at all alone. I’ve been working out since I was 17 (I also use to be a personal trainer and an all women’s studio owner) and not because I wanted to be healthy but I needed to look good naked.

And why is that?

Since I was a little girl emphasis was on girls and fashion, on girls and flat stomachs; round, apple bottom jeans, junk in da trunk; and saving the best for last - perfect boobs (realize that all the super models were at their height of popularity when I was growing up - that was my standard.)

Remember when Jennifer Aniston began Friends, then look at her toward the end of that show. She was also told before getting the role that she needed to lose 30lbs. I was 13 when Friends premiered and 23 when it ended and witnessed not just Aniston but all those actresses shrinking. My perception of what I was up against and what I was to look like was formed.

That thought process is like a bad habit as I add up my daily calories. Day in and day out since I became aware of body image and for over two decades till today.

I struggle to let go because it’s engrained, because the Victoria Secret Show pisses us off as we struggle to just let go of what the image of sexy and perfect is for the majority of us with real lives.

So if you feel like the above statement is too good to be true, it really isn’t, it’s just that there is an entire generation of women conditioned not to believe it.

I’m approaching 40 and I always assumed that one day I’ll just accept the flaws, the extra couple of pounds here and there but vanity is wining. I’m not gonna lie it’s actually getting harder. But I haven’t lost hope that one day it just won’t matter, today is still not that day.

Keepin it real cause why shouldn’t I.

Ags Farmer

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