Letter from the Editor; If you didn’t know, now you know

I wanted to welcome all of you to this exciting new news platform in Muskoka.  

I’m a believer in building vibrantly connected networking communities. I also believe in holding the elected officials responsible for those communities accountable to their positions and most importantly you, the public, the people who actually pay public salaries and own municipal assets.

Then there is the environment, and let’s face it we are contributing to our own extinction to some degree. So I believe it’s an important and very much life impactful area to stay informed on. Muskoka Post will attend Environmental Committee meetings and bring you the latest developments.

High density waterfront development and condominiums are a hot button topic but for the reason that raw sewage on occasion spills into Lake Rosseau. Algae Blooms are becoming more frequent. These are all local environmental factors affecting this region and we will cover them.

Muskoka, much like Ontario, doesn’t just have a housing crisis. It’s more like an EMERGENCY. There are over 700 people in the region waiting for subsidized housing. That list grows, daily.

Community members are being displaced from familiar support systems because they lost housing and can not afford the current rent rates in their town or township. Companies and employers are having a hard time accommodating new hires. Single mothers are living in trailers. Senior citizens are worried if their financial resources will run out before their life does. Yes that’s the stark reality.

On the other hand we have landlords who have lost money due to “professional rent thieves.” A lack of decent legislation and slower than molasses landlord and tenant board adds fuel to the fire. Landlords lose thousands of dollars on investment so banks aren’t exactly lining up to lend funds to development investment. They turn their units into Airbnb’s and that equals to more profit and less hassle with much more control over their investment. All these factors combined add to this housing emergency.

I could go on into the socio economic problem of the fact that minimum wage earners don’t earn enough to afford shelter, food, clothing, and utilities all at the same time. And that perhaps we should consider loosening some zoning laws and not just allow but contribute to building say a tiny home neighbourhood. Home ownership is an amazing experience so let’s encourage its growth for all levels of affordability with alternative housing. Yes, that includes homes under $150k. But we all are aware.

Get ready Huntsville council, Kathleen May will be coming your way.

I digress, but clearly an important socio economic issue in every single community in Muskoka.

After conducting dozens and dozens of interviews with so many fascinating people the vibe of Muskoka is undeniable. I’ve been submerged in the depths of this region and its communities that I know and understand the issues in depth.

I will do my best to bring the most important of those issues as well as victories to the forefront of this publication.

I want you to participate, the media exists to inform the public but perhaps also echo the public voice. So write. Write about the things that piss you off. But also the things you love about Muskoka. Muskoka Post is wide OPEN to contributors. Talk to each other, including your politicians but do it in a constructive and effective way. Insults don’t solve problems and opinions are to each his own. Please respect that on this forum.

Once again I welcome 🙏 each and every one of you to Muskoka Post. Let’s build community. Send your story ideas through our website at muskokapost.com. You can subscribe to receive our news without the hassle of registration. Our community content is open to keep you up to date and informed.

Agatha Farmer Editor-in-Chief

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