Letter to the Editor; Response to 'Locals don't own Muskoka' No Easter weekend Repeat in May Please

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Kirsten Dale

Editorial; 'Locals don't own Muskoka' - Unpacking the Covid-19 divide between locals vs cottagers - This article has many valid points.

I think a primary cause of this divide we are seeing is outlined very clearly here;

1) "There isn't time to drive over 100km with a patient in respiratory destress" so the idea that someone will "head home" if they develop symptoms suddenly is a little far fetched.

2) Our hospitals are simply smaller. When I moved back to the area full time from the GTA 9 years ago, I remember actually weighing the limited healthcare capacity here as a part of my decision making (and I was in my early 20s at the time with zero health issues.)

Having lived here for most of my childhood, I knew what I was in for if I needed emergency medical assistance. I honestly think many of our seasonal residents have been fortunate enough to not actually need to enter the medical centres in Muskoka so they may not realize what limited operations exist here. What about doing something that we could share that shows this difference? They say a photo is worth a thousand words - I think pictures of our hospitals here, next to the facilities available in the GTA, would shine a light through this divisive confusion. Just thought I would pass this idea along.

The May long weekend approaches and I for one, sincerely hope not to see a repeat of the upset we saw on the Easter weekend in our area.

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