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TIME IS; non-refundable”

It’s Monday and the alarm is going off. You are exhausted so you hit snooze 2-3 times holding onto a few more minutes of rest. You know your day is going to be crazy and your schedule is jammed packed.

You’re juggling so many things day in and day out trying to handle it like a champ—life can be hectic to say the least. To name a few things you may be experiencing; juggling work, adult responsibilities, personal obligations and perhaps children and their activities.

Have you noticed there just doesn't seem to be enough time in a day to get everything done?

At times we feel so busy even when someone is talking to us our brain seems to be elsewhere. Have you gotten to the point when standing in a line up waiting to cash out you are tapping your foot and frustrated. You are just hoping that the cashier talks less and gets the person in front of you cashed out faster because you have somewhere you needed to be 5 minutes ago.

Time is special and a gift. The problem is many of our schedules are overloaded causing us to overwhelm ourselves so much that we are stressed out!

If this sounds like you it’s time to look at your day to day and see where you can manage it more effectively. Take things out, say no to things that aren’t important or serving you and make time for things and moments that are more valuable than others. Although some things are out of our control many things are also within in it. We have so many beautiful opportunities in any given day and they’re often missed because we’re racing time. In many instances we simply aren't present or living in the now so lets explore some possible changes.

Take time for yourself. The next time you are aimlessly living through the motions of your day I challenge you to slow down, to shut off phone notifications that are not necessary such as Instagram or Facebook.

The next time you are in a line up look around and listen, see the smiles on faces, smile at someone and be present. When in a rush silence your ringer you will get a voice mail if its important and you can listen to it in an hour.

You don’t have to take the call in that moment.

When your children, spouse, partner, family, friend are talking to you—listen. I mean really listen. If your child wants to have a tea party have the tea party; the grass cutting and dishes can wait. If you are feeling exhausted find ways to get more sleep or if you are feeling in a funk maybe you need a social outing.

Smell the flowers and walk barefoot in the sand, the cleaning can wait a night. Go out with friends; dress up, laugh, listen and let go of all responsibilities and have some fun. Do something you enjoy. Even though its easier to say no, you will feel alive for doing it.

If you’re too social don’t be afraid to cut back saying no and taking time for yourself to rest. There is a lot of beauty in everyday and time is extremely valuable. Be especially aware of the hours spent per day on electronic devices. Yes some of us can’t get away from it because of employment, but how you manage it and the unnecessary extra time on it is within your control.

Life can change in one second so take the challenge and take back control of your life. Will it be easier—hell no. Worth it? Every second that you get back is amazing. Make the most of living, loving, laughing and making memories tocherish. Don’t miss out on them because before you know it time will pass by and you don't even know where it went and what you've done. Live in a way you have no regrets.


Happy Monday

Happy Health

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