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Motivation Monday

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Today I want you to think about all that you are, instead of all that you are not!”

Today is the day. What better day then

Motivation Monday!! I challenge you to grab a hold of your thoughts today. Your thoughts of kindness to yourself. Its interesting because when someone is sad or unhappy, we take the time to remind them of positive attributes about who they are and or compliment them on something they’re saying in a negative manner about themselves. The reason this is interesting is because when it comes to ourselves we nit pick and say harmful things. The sad thing is we get stuck doing this so often that sometimes we don’t even realize how often we do it.

Getting dressed in the morning can lead to negative body image words. Putting makeup on we can point out wrinkles or little “flaws” we would like to change or maybe its our hair.

Maybe its something else. If you don't do this… then way to go! You’ve won the battle and should be proud of yourself. For those of us that still do this, its time to make a change.

The goal for today, that is simple yet difficult will be; “Be kind to yourself day”. First step is to look in a mirror or simply read this to yourself.

I AM “insert name”

I AM strong

I AM capable

I AM loved

I AM beautiful

I AM going to have an amazing day

I AM happy and I have a choice daily.

That choice is to embrace me for all my flaws for I AM “awesome & flawesome in every-way”.

I work hard.

I AM kind and giving.

If someone tries to pull my positive thoughts away today, I will NOT let them.

I AM me and I believe in myself.

Now I want you to say it again.

Back to the top!

So now every time you say a negative thing today about yourself, you will correct it by saying something kind instead—this will be hard. It will feel weird but it shouldn’t because you’re finally giving yourself what you give to others and that act of kindness never feels weird. Happy Healing!

Health Improvement Goal Of The Week:

If you currently eat a lot of processed foods, replace something daily with fruit or veggies or both. Keep on hand. Store in a place of easy access or in sight. You’re more likely to reach for it if you have it handy. Small daily changes lead to new habits and likes. Feeding your body with less empty calories and adding more nutritionally dense calories, will leave you;

1. Feeling proud of yourself for doing it.

2. Feeling better as the vitamins and minerals you are putting into your body will fuel you. 

For those that drink a lot of pop or juice try replacing it with water. If you like something with more flavor when making a change you can add Mio flavored sport drops in your water. Numerous flavors to choose from. Other option is Zevia organic pop or flavored carbonated waters.

Eating Out & Staying local: Healthy Meal Option

This weeks Feature Restaurant - Moose Delaney's Bar & Grill

Starter – Spinach and Kale Salad

Entres – Edgy Veggie Burger, Rainbow trout, 10oz Steak or Maple glazed salmon (with sauce on side.

For your side add rice, veggies and or salad. Choose a vinaigrette dressing.

Happy Monday

Happy Health!

Aimee Sinclair Fitness

IG: @aimeesinclair99



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