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Falling in love with yourself first doesn’t make you vain or selfish, it makes you indestructible”


Searching through social media feeds, jumping to see who liked something you posted and who started following you or to read the latest comment someone left. Hearing a buzz or ding on your phone and jumping to see who is trying to reach you and why? Always social—rarely alone. Sadly so many of us looking for love and acceptance from so many (some even strangers). Searching for approval and validation to make you feel needed and happy and quite possibly not even aware you are doing it. I’m not talking about using devices for work, planning, learning, sharing a life event or to stay in touch I’m referring to the addiction and time wasted scrolling for hours jumping at the red dot or ding—“killing time” so to speak. Many of us not noticing when you’re uncomfortably alone or its quiet you keep yourself occupied by endlessly scrolling.

We are human and are trained at a young age to be wanted, accepted, to be in the know, to be popular and if we aren’t these things something must be wrong with us. This could not be further from the truth. Insecurities can be debilitating and controlling however a large part of the population suffers from them. That's why Instagram, Facebook, dating apps, twitter and more are so successful because they feed a validation from others we may not be able to feed ourselves with.

I have been making this change a priority in my life as a result of receiving weekly breakdowns on my screen time daily use. What a wake up call for me learning which apps I use most often but I am always a work in progress so I’m challenging myself to make positive social media changes. I have faced learning to be alone in many ways and won after time, practice, consistency and self healing. I’ve even overcome not caring whether people like me or not. Recently on vacation I shut off my phone for 7 days with the exception of turning it on to message my children—wow was this eye opening, self healing and so rewarding. I like inspiring others on social media daily in all areas of my life both personal and business as it is rewarding for me to help others battling some of the things I’ve overcome so I will continue this.

Even with children, work, juggling life it was time to figure out some balance. The truth is we can never truly be what our children and family need from us or true role-models unless we start to accept and love ourselves for who we are. Even if that means at the cost of not being accepted by everyone and getting to like yourself so much that you don’t care about those who don’t. There is a lot of reward internally from feeling liberated and free from the confines of being socially accepted.

How I started the steps prior to this one is finding things I could do alone. These included bike riding, paddle-boarding and sitting somewhere beautiful with a picnic. I would even rent a hotel room for a night alone so I could just be or run a bubble bath, light candles and journal. Like anything with practice and consistency it has taught me I was okay alone. I like myself more and more and I learned I like myself regardless of being alone or having company. The peace in being alone allowed me to face my thoughts, my fears, my insecurities and my vulnerabilities. Its given me a chance to heal from the inside out which has been a true gift that I was so afraid of but has ended up being the best gift I could give myself.

Along my journey I found reading daily inspirational quotes very up lifting. With the above practices and time I learned more and more that I was going to be okay. Now with taking back my control on social media this will only improve. I have learned that as I feel the people in my life are a gift to me, I in turn am a gift to them. This does not make me arrogant or conceited it just brings happiness and fills my soul with love and confidence that can only allow me to shine as I truly deserve and as you do. When you truly learn to love yourself the rest falls into place. Practice self love, do it consistently and it will only get better with time. 

Happy Monday

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