Motivation Monday with Aimee Sinclair; Do you set yourself up for success each morning or panic?

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Aimee Sinclair Fitness

Mind, Body & Soul

Every day is a new day, a new chance to rise and shine, an opportunity, a gift, a chance to live and make the most of the next 24 hours that are a head of us and this to me is so exciting! Bobby Darin stated, “YOU ONLY LIVE ONCE? FALSE. YOU LIVE EVERYDAY. YOU ONLY DIE ONCE.

How we start our day can make or break how the rest will unfold. Will it be a day of panic, racing through every minute full of high stress and bad moods? Or will it be one that begins with positive vibes, self love, calmness and clarity? Since 2014 when I suffered a pulmonary embolism I do my best to live a life that always involves being focused on good overall health—mind, body and soul. I am always looking for ways to keep improving in all areas of my health and have been practicing many forms of self love for some time. I meditate, journal and read before bed to calm myself before sleeping. I also don’t answer my phone or check social media for at least 45 minutes after waking. What I didn’t realize though is that timing was just as important as the activity which I was completing.

I recently started working with Alison Dumont owner of Strive Holistic Nutrition in Huntsville, Ontario. Although I workout regularly and have a very balanced eating regimen (80-90% whole foods) I still found I wasn’t feeling very well on the inside. I have health impairments that I live with daily and I thought this was just going to be my life. The good part is I don’t believe in giving up and fortunately Alison was brought into my life by no accident. I started seeing her six weeks ago and we started working on improving different areas of my body like my stomach enzymes, adrenal glands, thyroid and more. As part of my daily activities she reintroduced into my lifestyle a morning ritual focussing on what happens in the first 10 minutes of opening my eyes.

In the morning she asked that I take 10 minutes for self love. This can be specific to each person and what their personality requires for self-love. It can entail writing in a journal, looking in the mirror and saying kind things to yourself, dry brushing your body, reading and meditation. Thus making the first 10 minutes of your day all about yourself. This also means not jumping to check social media or texts on your phone. It means hitting off the alarm and getting started. For me this starts with relaxing meditation music, lighting a candle and sitting in peace and being at one with myself for a few minutes which also allows me to wake up peacefully. This also involves journaling practice which has helped me immensely in starting my day off right. My day is filled with conversing, lifting heavy equipment and a schedule like many others that is very full. It requires me to be ON in many areas of my life. I believe in giving the best to all those in my life and I need to be ready to do these things to the best of my ability. My routine is one I strongly believe many women and men should be practicing. Now I do understand that most men don’t feel this would be for them but you never know unless you try. Give yourself the gift of a calm and positivity to start your day and you will be surprised how you and those in your life will benefit.

Happy Monday

Happy Health

Aimee Sinclair Fitness

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