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Throughout my transformation journey on finding a life that serves me mind, body and soul I had to fall down hard along the way. I had to start learning to love myself fully; this wasn’t easy but I’m always learning.

It started with focusing on better health. At the beginning so much of that picture and journey started with my body being the improved goal. My health scares and illness’ were the drivers but I'd be lying if I said it wasn’t also focused on improving my appearance and building my self-confidence. The ugly truths we don’t read about. Growing up everything is so image focused and sadly television, magazines, and school very much determined a lot of our self confidence. With school it was tricky because so much of it was based on the clothes you wore, your hair style, and truly what you came from. Unfortunately, this is very real and it’s getting worse with every passing decade and I know I am not alone in this. I see it everyday in my line of work, through my children, and with today’s increased use of technology. I see people struggle with it and get caught in the cycle: it’s hard!!

Our health, confidence and well being are all affected by what happens to us from when we are little, throughout middle school, secondary school and life after. We endure tough times in life to help shape us and make us stronger but we can also lose our self belief along the way. We can experience many things that alter and shape us into the people we are today. Being teased, bullied, not fitting in, judgment, hurt feelings, the topic of someones gossip, marriage breakdowns, parental expectations and the image driven world. With age comes knowledge, experience, and learning new ways to handle these situations but sometimes you don’t know where to start. You just know you're tired of feeling it and being controlled by it.

In my journey when my body started to change I started to feel more confident. Slowly I noticed this. I also felt better mentally for the fog had been lifting in my brain. That is a beautiful thing. I was feeling strong and better all the time.

What took me by surprise though was when I achieved a strong, fit, healthy body; I could still find things about myself I did not like. They don’t prepare you for that in the fitness world. Somewhere the message of do it for your mind, body and “SOUL” is lost.

What I learned through my journey is that even when you achieve a certain image it does not fix your insecurities or how you perceive yourself; it’s so much bigger then that. You have to build your confidence, self love, and overall health from a group of systems that heal you on many levels. Lets discuss these systems and look at the bigger picture. If you are looking for overall improved health and how to start to love yourself here is what I practice and complete regularly through my journey.

1 – Research and read things daily on self-care and self-love. I start everyday with positive words of affirmation. You can find great positive readings through books, the internet and Pinterest to name a few. Stick a quote on the mirror you get ready in to read every morning. Look yourself in the eye and say 5 nice things to yourself everyday upon waking. Save positive self-care quotes to your screensaver or lock screen on your phone. People can not say things to make you love yourself, they just feed your ego. Ultimately, true self-love comes from within yourself.

2 – Journal your feelings by writing nice things about yourself on paper. It will feel awkward at first and hard but the fact is, it shouldn’t. Write about why you do not say good things about yourself. Write about why you say negative things about yourself. Get those feelings out. We often have to reach into our deepest vulnerabilities to grow through them. Know you are worthy and that you always were and are. Remember no one has the right to make you feel bad about yourself. Pull your power back. Always end your journal writing positive words of affirmation about yourself. End on a positive note.

3 – Remember this is not about looking perfect, whatever that means. This is about loving yourself for all that you are and for all your flaws and imperfections too; for that is what makes you the perfect you. You are fl-awesome in every way so embrace it!

4 – Practice doing things for yourself that you love and make you feel good. Find yourself. Not by only doing things other people like but break free of the norm. Find out what you like and be okay with doing some of these things alone. Doing this practice is when I did some of my best personal growth. How can you ever truly love yourself if you can not even handle being alone with yourself. Get comfortable not needing others to occupy your time and when you can do this, it brings strength within. You then choose who gets to share your company and space and there is power in that. When we are alone we reconnect with our brain, our heart and our souls. We listen to what we like and feed ourselves; It is so remarkable and empowering.

5 – Remove toxic people. This is so very important so be very aware of whom you allow in your space. Listen to how people speak that are around you. Do they bring you down? Do they gossip constantly? Do they knock the things you love or want to try? Are they angry and negative? Do they talk you out of things you want to try that are potentially good for you? Surround yourself with people that lift you up, that make you feel loved, safe and accepted for who you are. People that will talk through problems with you and both hard truths and good truths. People that cheer for you and want to see you succeed in life, family, work and in your personal improvements.

6 – Work on improving the body that is your home to live in. Do this so you can live your best life, not just so you look good but do it for the health benefits. It will all come together. Do it so you can walk up a flight of stairs, get your blood pressure in check, keep up with your kids, go hiking, biking, play music, paint, be around loved ones, feel good, keep your mind clear, play sports or go dancing. Whatever your best life means for you. You need the health to support you to do these things because without it, you may not get out of bed.

So remember do not let image be the driver. Instead spend time on all areas for you deserve the best. Health is mind, body and soul. This can very well assist you to a place of improved health, happiness, strength, power, self-love and confidence!

Happy Monday

Happy Health!

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