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Sarcopenia and Muscle Wasting

Hi Everyone! My name is Aimee Sinclair; I am a Personal Trainer and Owner of Aimee Sinclair Fitness. I train clients online or in person at SnapFitness Huntsville and specialize in strength training, resistance training, HIIT and online flexible dieting. I’m a bikini competitor and the owner of SweetCheeksCo Resistance Band company along side my other half Willis Bullen. I am so excited to have the opportunity to bring you information about health and fitness each week through the Muskoka Post!

On Motivation Monday I will be touching on topics that reflect our Mind, Body & Soul.

Today I’m going to explain Sarcopenia and Muscle Wasting.

Lets discuss why you may want to consider introducing a form of exercise into your life as you age and the importance of a high protein diets. Sarcopenia and muscle wasting are a real life issue.

The saying “If you don’t use it, you will lose it” is completely true! It is the loss of muscle tissue as a natural part of the aging process.

In most cases depending on your body and genetics everyone is effected by this as we age.

Around 30 years old we naturally start to lose muscle mass at a rate of 3-8 per cent per decade. As we get older many of us become more sedentary in our lifestyle and depending on your job and activities outside of work this can really effect how Sarcopenia and muscle wasting can progress over the years.

Dr Brendan Egan reveals how serious and fast this can happen to anyone. Even in men as young as their 20’s.

He states, “take a young man in his 20’s whom is very active. This young man completes 10,000 steps per day or more. Now his situation changes and he reduces his activity per day. Example #1 starts a sedentary job, is taking elevators and escalators. As a result his steps per day are now reduced to 2000. He can lose 5 per cent muscle mass in just 14 days.

Example #2, take a 70 year old man who becomes bed ridden for 10 days. In just 10 days he can lose 10 per cent of his muscle mass. So what takes most people a decade to lose 3-8 per cent muscle mass these two examples did it in as little as 10-14 days. This reflects how your lifestyle and situation can dramatically increase the amount of muscle mass lost in shorter periods depending on circumstance and age”.

What does lack of muscle mean?

Muscle is the tensor bandage that holds your joints together, among other things. The less muscle you have the more chance of inflammation, disease, balance problems along with weight gain.

When you have a meal approximately 80 per cent of the energy from that meal is distributed to the muscle. Therefore the less muscle you have to help process the energy from that meal the more chance of weight gain.

How do you prevent this?

Start with strength and resistance training; use weight amounts that are suitable for your current stage increasing weight lifted over time. As long as you have no pain while lifting the goal is to strengthen all areas of the body. Resistance training can help your neuromuscular system and hormones. It can improve older adults abilities to convert protein to energy in as little as two weeks.

Another major factor paired with strength and resistance training is eating enough calories. High quality proteins can slow down the rate of muscle mass lost. I recommend working with an experienced sports doctor, nutritionist, physio therapist or personal trainer to develop a plan.

So remember the next time you think its too late. Its never too late!! So keep moving, have fun with it and remember don’t stop using it, or

you may lose it!!

Happy Monday

Happy Health

Aimee Sinclair Fitness

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Whats coming in the future? Eating out healthy options throughout Muskoka. Healthy snack or meal recipes by myself and other health professionals. Information about other personal trainers, classes in the surrounding area.

Stay tuned!

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