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Motivation Monday

Health & Fitness – Mind, Body & Soul Weight Lifting for Beginners Often when people are new to weight lifting or juggling a crazy schedule it can be overwhelming researching and putting information together to get started, however there are several amazing trainers around and lots of information on the internet. 

The good news is you are taking the correct steps towards improving your health.  If you are aware of any health problems or concerns always get clearance from your family doctor before starting.  You can even print this article to take to your appointment if you’re thinking of using it. 

Ladies, when reading this please understand lifting weights will not make you look like Arnold Schwarzenegger.  Strength and resistance training highly assists in weight-loss when paired with a good diet and cardio.  So if you’re only doing cardio each week and you aren't getting anywhere it’s time to make a change.  Keep it fun and use a workout plan that targets the full body in a two or three day splits.  A split routine is when workouts are divided up by muscle groups and believe it or not you don’t need to workout every day.  A great place to start is committing two or three days per week as you are setting yourself up for success and a positive experience.  In a workout split of 2-3 days each week you will have a plan that is working numerous muscle groups to build muscle and give them the attention they require to start you on your way to building strength.  You must also include rest days for your muscles to repair and build.   Being a beginner allows you to build muscle quickly.  Start with working out 2-3 days per week and I recommend using repetitions of 8-12 or 12-15 and completing sets of 3 for each exercise.  Often when my clients are new to strength training I build them 2 or 3 day splits; for example a 2 day split would look like this, Monday (chest, shoulders, triceps) and, Thursday (back, biceps, legs). A 3 day workout split would look like this, Monday (chest, shoulders, triceps) Wednesday (legs, shoulders) Friday (back, biceps, core)    Once you start your plan stay with it for 8-12 weeks building those muscles before switching your programs. 

How many exercises should be completed on each day?

  I recommend 6-7 exercises per training day by using a couple of compound exercises (an exercise that targets more then one muscle group) 1-2 on each exercise day and finishing your plan with 5-6 isolation exercises (working a specific muscle). 

Start warming up with steady state cardio at a light to medium pace for 5 minutes before starting your weight training regimen.  If you are in good health and cleared by a doctor to exercise I also recommend 12-15 minutes of medium paced cardio at the end of each workout.  You can increase this as you go depending on goals and your current health.   How much weight should you lift? 

Ensure you are lifting a weight that is challenging towards the end of your repetition range while maintaining proper form.  Always remember quality over quantity.  Your repetitions should be slow and controlled using your muscles to lift the weight without momentum unless it specifically calls for that (i.e. kettle-bell swings). 

As you progress your muscles start to adapt meaning the sets and repetitions being completed don't leave you feeling as challenged. It’s important to keep pushing yourself to continue building muscle and strength; this is referred to as progressive overload.  In order for a muscle to grow and strength to increase muscles must be forced to work harder by having more tension and/or weight and be pushed beyond what they have previously lifted.   I always recommend hiring a personal trainer or health care professional to build your workout program and teach you to complete your exercises safely when learning.  There are a lot of great people in our area to choose from.  Please email me if you have any questions.    Happy Monday! Happy Health! Aimee Sinclair Fitness IG: @aimeesinclair99 email: website:

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