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Which Weight-loss Program works?

I’m so frustrated I have three weeks to lose 15 pounds to fit into the dress I just bought for that Christmas Party. It’s a little tight but I am going to get into it—it’s my goal. I purchased fat burners that aren’t working so I went back to what I did last year before the Christmas party. I’m following this fad diet that lets me drink two shakes a day with my two detox teas and I eat one meal per day; I am also allowed six almonds for my morning and afternoon snack. In three days I have lost five pounds and I’m thrilled to be on my way. I hope I don’t gain the weight back again this year though after the party. I am going to stick with this method. The only problem is I feel awful, I am exhausted, have zero energy, I’m shaky and I noticed my anxiety is back. I must be under a lot of pressure with gearing up for Christmas.

Have you been here? Can you relate to the above scenario? It can be extremely confusing and overwhelming as to what works and what doesn’t as there are a multitude of weight-loss systems that you hear and read about daily.I have been in your shoes prior to being employed in the health and wellness industry and becoming certified in both personal training and precision nutrition.

Like you, I have tried many different fad diets, fat burners and nutrition systems. With my line of work and life passion I have become focused on learning about all of these systems as I want to help as many people as possible the best that I can. We are all unique and respond differently to various techniques or styles. I have completed endless readings and listened to numerous podcasts on the science of weight-loss, maintenance and bulking/building regimes. I compare studies, outcomes and the comparison between these systems and why some work and why some do not.

I support many nutrition systems, but here are a few examples of some largely known ones; flexible dieting, meal plans, Ketogenic diet, Paleo diet, vegan diet and intermittent fasting. If any of these work for you or you would like to try them then please continue or try one out. If it works for you and your daily intake supports your personal goals then perfect but remember the key to success with any nutrition system is that your daily food/caloric intake is less then the energy you burn/expend (you put out more then you put in). Your body requires certain carbohydrates, fats and proteins for your brain, organs, hormones, muscles, etc. to function efficiently. I highly suggest with any of these systems you eat many whole foods to feel good and energized along the way. Pick your nutrition system and the person you want to help you achieve it, as these are all systems that can help you build a lifestyle. Some I personally believe are better then others in regards to vitamins and minerals required to ensure you are getting enough micro-nutrients, however some opinions may differ. Ultimately it’s about you and what works for yourself in achieving better overall health towards your personal goals.

The systems I do not support are the fad diets, weight loss pills, detox teas, starving yourself with extremely low caloric diets and the ones that put your body under extreme stress not to mention some include less then desirable ingredients. These types of diets allow you to lose five pounds in three days so you think its working but in actuality the rapid weight loss and tighter appearance is the results of water loss and sodium decreases. This all happens because you are not eating real foods and that initial five pounds sucks you in! So please BE CAREFUL.

When we want to achieve change we have to do things that create change. This means introducing new habits into our life and getting rid of old ones. It’s also about eating food; who doesn’t love food? You can achieve weight-loss goals by eating food but with moderation of processed foods that lack the vitamins and minerals. Losing weight is about caloric deficit no matter which nutrition system I mentioned. You will have success with each one as long as your daily caloric intake is in line with your goals and your organs are functioning well. This can be done with or without exercise but typically you will receive better results when paired with an exercise program. Plus with exercise your caloric intake (food intake) will be higher due to adding exercise; who doesn’t want that? Furthermore you can tighten and lift parts of you body by building muscle as well as improved functionality of your system—body, mind and soul.

If you are looking to achieve your end goal of weight-loss do it in a way that not only respects your body and your mind, but in a way that allows you to learn a system of how to keep the weight off long term for better health. When we feel good we glow and we exude confidence. When we don’t take extreme measures to lose weight we feel better daily. We are eating good food for the majority and we aren’t putting things in our body that could have ingredients that are not good for your system. With time, patience and the right nutrition system you can live a life of being proud of what you have learned to not only achieve your personal weight-loss goal but even more importantly the ability to maintain that system with the knowledge you learned.

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