Muskoka Garbage collectors are experiencing heatstroke; District addresses service disruptions

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Consistent temperatures exceeding 30 degrees continue to impact Muskoka’s waste collection crews this week. The heatwave, combined with increased garbage and recycling volumes at the curb, have delayed crews and we may have missed you says the District of Muskoka.

If you were missed on your regular collection day, best efforts are being made to return the next morning for 8 am. If they don’t return and you get stuck with your garbage for an additional week it will be collected double the limit next week on your regular collection day.

The District of Muskoka, in partnership with Waste Connections of Canada, are requesting our community’s patience and understanding during this time.

  • Please leave your material out until 7 pm on your regular collection day.

  • If still at the curb past 7 pm, secure for the night to avoid animal encounters and set out before 8 am the next day.

  • If still missed, we'll collect double the limit next week on your regular collection day.

  • Weekly limits can also be delivered to the nearest licensed waste facility. A full list, here.

The District of Muskoka says they have been working daily with Waste Connections of Canada to monitor COVID-19.

“We thank our community for their support during the pandemic and are pleased there have been no major service interruptions as measures were implemented to ensure the health and safety of the public and waste collection crews. The recent heatwave is a significant weather event we cannot prepare for; we are asking for the community’s cooperation as we recognize and observe the health and safety of collection drivers.

Muskoka’s waste management system depends on our people. Drivers manually collect garbage, recycling and green bins from 500-700 households per day and can also experience breakdowns, road closures, and other inconveniences along the route causing delays. This, combined with temperatures exceeding 30 degrees, working outdoors in physically demanding roles like a waste collection driver, is particularly challenging. Despite increased precautions and hydration breaks, drivers are experiencing heatstroke and other health-related concerns due to the heat.

Residents are strongly encouraged to use the District of Muskoka’s “Muskoka Recycles” Mobile App to keep updated. The app sends up-to-date information on waste collection tailored to specific addresses and service requests can be submitted to our waste management team. Search for “Muskoka Recycles” in the App Store or Google Play and enable notifications to receive updates.

For more information on waste management in Muskoka, please visit”

Waste Connections is responsible for collecting garbage, blue box recycling, and green bin organics (in some areas) throughout the district on their scheduled days. The contract was procured in 2017 and is valued at approximately $4.5 million annually servicing 33,806 households.

In December 2019 a similar issue had occurred with missed garbage pick up but at that time the reason was driver shortage.

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