Muskoka Grapevine; TML Coun. Glenn Zavitz took to Facebook to review his recent Muskoka hydro bill

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Stories collected through the Muskoka Social Media Grapevine

A couple of weeks ago we published an editorial article - Muskoka's Champagne Hydro Prices for Beer Budget Service - about Muskoka's archaic 1950's hydro grid.

Richard Francella, Hydro One media relations, said the majority of Hydro One’s system in the Muskoka region was built in the 1950's and requires prudent investments to keep the public safe, reduce power outages and offset the need for more expensive emergency repairs down the road.

Let's just ponder that for a quick second; most of the regions power grid was built in the 1950's and Ontarian's pay some of the highest electricity bills in North America.

Muskoka Lakes Coun. Glenn Zavitz took to Facebook to vent his frustration over his latest electricity price increase. Zavitz recently received a review from Hydro One of his November 2019 Hydro One bill vs November 2018. He writes;

"Check this out!"

2018 Rates: 2019 Rates: Nov. price increase On-Peak...13.2 cents On-Peak...20.8 cents 7.6 cents Mid-Peak...9.4 Mid-Peak...14.4 5 cents Off-Peak...6.5 Off-Peak...10.1 3.6 cents

WoW, it gets worse ... so, our November usage was down by 85 kWh over 2018 and yet we are charged $30.00 more PLUS the Delivery Charge is increased by $11.00. Well, thanks very much Ontario Energy Board. Oh, and btw, pay promptly or there is a 19.56 percent annual finance charge. Many can ill afford to take this hit."

Via his post thread others also shared in the frustration of the unsustainable increasing cost of electricity.

Facebook user Chris Bird writes "Been screwed on this for a long time Glenn. This increase along with the carbon tax on the union gas bill which depending on your usage can be 18% is getting out of control."

Zavitz asked Brid "when was the last time you jacked up your customers' rates by 10 percent? I know the answer is Never! 10 million Ontarians will just keep paying."

Bird answered that if he attempted such a price increase his clients would find alternatives, unfortunately for Ontarian's no such option exists.

Specifically for Muskokan's to keep paying increases year over year while receiving the services of an archaic 1950's power grid is rather counter intuitive, even given the $16 million the company announced to invest over the next two years to improve service and reduce the never ending power outages which plague the region.

In 2015 Auditor-General Bonnie Lysk estimated that the average cost of electricity is only 30 percent of the consumers bill, the other 70 percent belongs to the 'global adjustment charge.' She also calculated that Ontarian's had paid $37 billion more than market price for electricity from 2006 to 2014 and will be paying another $133 billion extra by 2032.

Share your stories Muskoka. Have you noticed an increase in your hydro rates? Are you satisfied with your service for the amount you pay for said service?

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