Muskoka Grapvine; If Social Media existed in the 80s during the AIDS Epidemic ... Thoughts?

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A Huntsville resident shared his take on social media in the age of second by second press releases from multiple levels of government, ministries, departments, special interest groups, etc. We have adapted to sharing information in nano seconds and we crave the knowledge yet often complain about the flow of that info into our communities. Clearly social media with its infinite volume of content has changed our world and with it our historic reaction to events.

The resident’s Facebook status is “food for thought.”

“Food for thought regarding Social Media:

Can you even comprehend what would have happened with society with the AIDS scare in the 80s if Social Media existed as it does today? People believed that if you went out to dine and the waiter had AIDS, you could die from AIDS....

Now Im off to Buffalo to bring back a van of toilet paper...”

On the other hand if social media had existed in the 80s information and prevention regarding HIV and AIDS would have been more readily available, possibly slowing misconceptions and infection rates.

Thoughts and opinions?

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