Muskoka Hot Yoga wins 2020 Canadian Business Award as Best Boutique Hot Yoga Studio

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Trinity O'Brien

I was extremely surprised when I received an email from CV Magazine telling me I had been nominated for a Canadian Business award. I am grateful to the panel of judges who saw something in Muskoka Hot Yoga in their research to award the studio the Best Boutique Hot Yoga Studio 2020 - Ontario.

This studio is my baby, and is certainly an extension of who I am. I have a strong desire to be of service and hold space for others to see their greatness. To explore new ways of being in thought, habits and actions in hope of creating a grander version of themselves. They would not tell me who nominated me but did say several of the comments reflected exceptional customer service, feeling safe, truly caring about my clients wellbeing and a very inviting space.

Many weeks later when I got the call that the studio had actually won the award, I couldn't believe it. I am very humbled to be chosen. It is also exciting to put Muskoka on the map with one of Ontario's best boutique hot yoga studios.

I want to thank all my clients who have taken the time to post testimonials, positive comments and share posts since I have opened. I am sure all have helped make this award a reality. I am feeling very blessed and inspired. Always believe in your dreams. If you can see it and feel it, you can make it a reality. Muskoka Hot Yoga is proof of that!

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