Muskoka Lakes residents asked to report water levels if on site; District Requests not to Travel

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Muskoka Post Staff

Following concerns regarding high water levels from Muskoka Lakes residents the district of Muskoka says staff continue to work together with other area municipalities to advocate collective concerns to the province.

Officials are asking residents with properties located on Lake Muskoka, Lake Rosseau and Lake Joseph to complete an online form to report water levels as taken from structures on their property such as a boat house or a non-floating dock.

The water level report form is available on the Engage Muskoka Platform and can be completed by residents from May 13 through to June 5. Residents are being asked to submit one form only throughout the reporting period.

The district noted that due to the Covid-19 pandemic area municipalies are requesting water level measurements from residents who currently have regular access to their property and are not requesting that residents travel from outside of Muskoka to their properties for the purposes of water level submissions.

The information collected will be used to build a data profile for infrastructure impacts in relation to water levels in Muskoka. For more information visit

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