Muskoka Lakes residents will see a 2.14% tax levy increase over prior year

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On Wednesday, May 13 the council of the Township of Muskoka Lakes approved the 2020 Operating Budget and Capital Budget and Forecast, and extended the waiving of penalties for non-payment of 2020 interim taxes.

The 2020 budget has a net levy of $12,285,251, which represents a 2.14% tax levy increase over the prior year. The estimated impact to a typical residential property valued at $500,000 is an annual increase in taxes of $4.34. The 2020 budget includes a reduction in operating costs and increases contributions to capital reserves to fund the rehabilitation and replacement of infrastructure. The goal is to steadily increase reserve contributions in the operating budget to reflect the expenditure needs in the capital budget and forecast.

The Township of Muskoka Lakes noted that the township funding requirement continues to be the smallest portion of the total property tax bill (20%). The District Municipality of Muskoka (52%) and the School Boards (28%) retain the larger components of the total amount levied.

Projects slated for 2020 include the rehabilitation of the Beaumaris Bridge,

reconstruction of Moon River Road, purchase of a good used grader and sweeper, purchase of a fire pumper truck for Windermere, new fire master plan and new community engagement platform. In addition, as approved previously by Council, a new Manager of Taxation position was established.

Additionally, Council has adopted a motion to extend the waiving of penalties that would

otherwise be charged for the non-payment of 2020 interim taxes that were due on March 27,

2020. Council’s decision removes any penalties charged on non-payment of 2020 interim taxes until July 31, 2020.

The penalty waiving decision has been taken to support those most in need. Payments will

continue to be accepted and processed by the Township. Property owners that have

the means to make their payment are encouraged to do so, as property taxes fund the many

municipal services that must continue to be provided.

To view a copy of the 2020 budget visit

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