Muskoka Lakes water access & island residents waste collection pilot project; Bin Site Transition

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The District of Muskoka is moving forward with a waste collection pilot project to service water-access and island residents in the Township of Muskoka Lakes who have been impacted by the Bin Site Transition Plan.

To recap in October 2019 Fred Jahn, commissioner of Muskoka’s public works department, presented committee members with a four year plan to remove all waste disposal bins within Muskoka municipalities. There are 88 bin sites in the region, serving 6,500 households in five municipalities with the exception of Lake of Bays.

During the pilot project this summer, collection trucks will be at three locations (Foot’s Bay, Windermere, and Beaumaris) on Sundays for scheduled 1.5 hour periods to accept household bagged garbage and sorted recycling.  This special collection is intended for residents whose homes are accessible by boat. This pilot is not intended for residents who receive curbside collection or for bulky/large items. For more information on the Lakeside Waste Collection Pilot, including when and where the trucks will stop this summer, please visit

Bin Removal Status

  • Most summer bin sites are in service. These sites are being closely monitored and maintained to safeguard the health and safety of the public and our staff. Please note posted health and safety warnings.

  • Some bin sites have been identified as high priority sites requiring immediate action. For some, the bins have simply been moved to a different location. Although they have been moved away from lakes, rivers, and streams, illegal dumping puts service at these sites at risk. The district asks for your help keeping these sites open. Please dispose of waste properly and do not leave waste outside of bins.

  • For other high priority sites, bins have been removed due to the risk they pose to the environment and human health or the district continues to work with property owners on better locations.

  • Bin Site 7 – Beaumaris Yacht Club and Bin Site 60 – Parkers Marina have been removed at the request of the property owners – plans for alternate waste collection service is being put in place for the beginning of July.

  • If you currently use curbside collection or a licensed transfer station, nothing has changed at this time. Please monitor link) for any COVID-19 related service impacts.

About the Bin Site Transition Plan On June 14, 2019, the Ministry of Environment, Conservation, and Parks (MECP) formally directed the District to remove and decommission all unlicensed bin dumpster sites by April 30, 2023. The District has been working with partners and the MECP for approved alternatives to waste collection for water-access and island residents. District of Muskoka staff will be on-site during pilot project alternatives to understand if these will be viable options to service Muskoka’s unique communities while planning for long-term solutions.

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