Muskoka needs a Holistic Approach to Recycling - Minimalism, Composting, Repurposing = ReBirth

Tricia Bilissis

In Muskoka a Bracebridge family of Four can generate 35lbs of waste a week. A lot of other countries are at a much lower number of only putting out 10lbs of garbage a week.

Most common hiccup with Sorting is in the Organic waste and green bin and food not being diverted from the non-recyclable waste bin.

How can we all work together in the time of devastating climate change? By looking at individually lowering our carbon footprints through a small act of auditing what we bring out on Garbage day.

Time for everyone to rethink their shopping habits, spending habits, and general addiction to “Newer, Bigger-Better!” Your choices are the turning point for how we choose to take simple action in our own hands by what we source and pick up at the store to what we then waste and how to curb it responsibly.

Another Friday has us all wake up and race our blue bins to the end of the driveway, a day that is mighty in forcing us all to be mindful of how we consume. How its changed throughout the years is a hit and miss for most still living in the days of no limit on bag numbers or weight of waste, only 10 years ago painted a much different picture.

We all take our garbage out when we have to, when it starts to stink/ take up space and just becomes an uneasy eyesore. The days where we now have to pay to get rid of our garbage is incentive enough to better budget our spending. All within your control by ultimately the choices you make! Let’s practice some true willpower and prove that we have motive for determination and strength in self-control. To maybe not buy that package of plastic wrapped upon plastic wrapped pre portioned cookies. Bake some instead and purchase the items sold in paper packaging to not condone the plastic production.

Example - my ice-cream eating habits had me look at the brands which instead of in plastic had paper packaging. One plastic lid had me bothered so switching to cones which are 100% paper packaged was fool proof for me.

Those corporations need to be held accountable for their mistakes in critical economic demands not meeting ecological supply. Our environments are disappearing at accelerated rates and within the industrial commercial chain something needs to be relinked. No more production of Polyethylene fossil fuel oil derived materials that plastic comes from.

Now Christmas coming up we can all fathom the paper and plastic waste that comes with wrapped gifts, online ordering as well as winter building/renovating DIY projects, holiday spreads and turkey dinners.

Reduce - “Rethink” expectations that people are happier with more. Minimalism is a movement into the age where declutter opens and clears our minds heightening mental moods, focus and stability.

Reuse - Paper products especially cardboard and newspaper can be saved and used to burn for kindling and garden sheet mulch. Storing ribbons and bags into the next year’s gift wrapping season. Innovative crafting ideas.

Rot - Composting has been making progress in rehabilitating our critically unpredictable future, see Kiss the Ground and any new informative documentary on regenerative farming. The simple small act of throwing your food scraps into a bin or hole dug in your Back yard can save your energy physically, save the strain from disposal workers lifting all day and most importantly save the planet. Climate change can be conquered with our help of feeding carbon back into the earth balancing out the overabundance of Co2 in the atmosphere. Rural communities that have pest problems in their compost solved by putting up a simple wire fence and to restrict from throwing in meat and poultry matter. Save all your cardboard for next spring sheet mulch lasagna bed gardening homesteads!

Repair - “Repurpose” Furniture, electronics and appliances. Hand me down and donations are acceptable in reducing the waste by passing on to repair shops or schools to teach reupholstering skills and self-sustainability in building your knowledge on how to constructively fix something.

Recycle - Plastic needs to be managed better in our age of plastic where the sum of all plastic materials probably outweigh that of the entire living world population. Separate and quickly Rinse your Plastic and all can be put into a large clear bag for pickup. Recycling is still free for disposal at the landfill and transfer sites. Did you know in Bracebridge we have a recycling factory that is responsible for sorting the bags, bottles, cans, jars and boxes of constituents all the way from North Bay down to Barrie and in-between.

Next “R” to add Renaissance - Residual Value of consciously observing the means of reviving the future, regress the rubbish, significantly opening the opportunity for many other variables to act. A Rebirth of our Nation!

The smallest act can transformitavely change the world.

Please Muskoka lets rethink our spending habits and holistic approach to Recycling and how it Matters! The cycle of what we buy to how long we use it and how we deal with it in the end has everything to do with the beginning purchase following the Five "R"s takes not much in extra efforts but just a little bit of time and with routine change our lifestyles end up changing the world.

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