Muskoka Post implements 4 day work week; Monday Weekend Recap Column is Born!

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Agatha Farmer

Happy Monday Muskoka! Welcome to our new feature column in which we will provide you with highlights of news and tid bits that transpired over the weekend. Having spent the last three days enjoying time with the people we love, taking care of our home and property, developing ways of future sustainability it's become very clear that if we are learning anything from this pandemic is that slowing down and taking the time to live in the present moment during this life which we only get to live once, with the people we chose as well as created is essential for humans to really thrive and not just exist.

In 2019 Finland's Prime Minister Sanna Marin brought forth the idea of a 4 day work week. Some North Americans stumbled on their hamster wheels upon hearing such a suggestion. But Marin's idea has merit. First and foremost we have seen the benefits of Covid-19 induced production reduction on our environment. We are currently probably breathing the cleanest air most of us have ever had the privilege of inhaling. Health is life. Without health business won't exist. A close second to the environment benefits of a 4 day work week is also time spent with family and self.

"I believe people deserve to spend more time with their families, loved ones, hobbies and other aspects of life such as culture. This could be the next step for us in working life," Marin said. We whole heartedly agree with the Prime Minister.

Therefore during these times of change this publication will seek to implement positive changes. We don't believe in adding more fear to your life, we understand that you are getting tired of the same news cycle. So are we. Which is why we should spend more of our week focusing on the fun side of life. As of this week, short of a major local or world development, Muskoka Post will be coasting through our first official 3 day weekend (Friday - Sunday) with memes and fun content to simply amuse our audiences.

Understanding our role, however, as a content developer and provider we will continue to bring you updates in our Monday Weekend Recaps.

Here is our Easter weekend recap:

Thursday April 9

👉 Federal public health officials confirmed that without strong control measures modelling suggests up to 300,000 Canadians could die. Dr. Tam, Canada's top medical official, said we can't let up on control measures during the flattening of the curve as we could risk seeing a resurgence of Covid-19.

👉 The government reported that more than 5 million Canadians applied for CERB/EI benefit. To date they have processed more than 4.5 million claims.

👉 Stats Canada reported that over 1 million jobs were lost in March. The unemployment rate jumped 2.2% points to 7.8%. This is the largest increase in one month since data became available.

👉 Ontario shed 400,000 jobs last month. Ford described the statistics as a "punch in the gut" and admitted that this is just the tip of the iceberg.

👉 Ontario announces the creation of a Jobs and Recovery Committee formed to plan a path for the provinces economic recovery post Covid-19.

👉 British Prime Minister Boris Johnson leaves the ICU after having Covid-19 respiratory symptoms.

Friday April 10

👉 Trudeau announced a $40,000 interest free loan program is now available to businesses through their banks.

👉 Ontario adds symptoms for Covid-19 testing; hoarse voice, difficult swallowing, nausea, diarrhea. For seniors: Chills, delirium, acute functional decline, increase in heart rate and blood pressure change.

👉 Ontario introduced new testing plan and doubles the number of tests to 8,000 a day by April 15; 14,000 by April 29 and 16,000 by May 6.

👉 John Hopkins University reports that the number of global deaths from Covid19 has hit 100,000.

👉 Province enacts an emergency order preventing child care operators from charging parents for services not provided. Under this order parents can not lose their daycare spot while payments are suspended.

Saturday April 11

👉 Simcoe Muskoka Health Unit reports one new Covid-19 case in Lake of Bays - a male in his 70s - community acquired - he is in self isolation. The health units also confirmed that a seasonal Muskoka Lakes resident in his 80's died in hospital.

👉 Ontario extends emergency orders already in place for non-essential workplaces, public places, bars and restaurants as well as restrictions on social gathering through April 23.

👉 Ontario Covid-19 numbers were at: 103, 165 total tested, 7,049 confirmed, 3,121 resolved, 274 deaths, test backlog 1,619.

👉 House of Commons approves and passes a 73 billion wage subsidy to help businesses and workers survive the pandemic.

Sunday April 12

👉 British Prime Minister Boris Johnson was discharged from a London hospital after being treated in intensive care for Covid-19.

We hope that Muskoka Post's new 4 day work week will inspire a shift in perception of life value. It was not that long ago when we waited for print editions of the news, it's ok to slow down the cycle and allow people to rest. What we had created as society prior to Covid-19 was a massive hamster wheel propelled by the media, politicians, and corporations; a world saturated in conflicting context and data, spinning a thousand miles a minute, bombarding people every single second of the day and barreling to human burn out was created. Therefore with nature's forced slow down we have decided to eliminate one day out of the work week for our own mental and physical health as well as those who consume our content.

If you would like to market or spread word of mouth about your business or service with a column and are interested in adding to our new 3 day weekend content line up please submit your ideas at or email Agatha Farmer, publishing editor at

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