Muskoka resident calls closure of Huntsville Covid Assessment Centre a “travesty”


I have been reading many articles about the closing of the assessment centre in Huntsville and can’t believe what a travesty this is and the shady way the MAHC is going about this is disgusting.

The nurses that worked at the assessment centre are a small group who work for the Algonquin Family Health team not employees of the hospital. They were not asked to volunteer there, they were deployed to work there. I do not believe they have been paid any pandemic pay for working there and after all this time they are exhausted and need to return to their jobs which are patient-focused primary care, services, and preventative programs that need to be run in order to keep being funded. For MAHC to suggest that closing the Huntsville centre was due to staffing issues is a slap in the face to them. I know these nurses and a group of doctors are strongly advocating for the Huntsville centre to be open however it is time another entity takes over as they need to get back to their jobs as the rest of the world is. I believe this is something the general public should know and hopefully rally our community to demand that MAHC keep the Huntsville centre open.

It is my hope that you and other media outlets can assist in getting this information out to the public and asking them to contact the MAHC board to express our community outrage of this closure and advocate for the hospital to find another space and share services between the two towns. Both towns had Assessment Centers and both towns need to be represented equally, especially now with the kids going back to school, and flu season soon upon us.

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