Muskoka Resident: 'My eyes were opened to the Coronavirus today, at least here in Bracebridge'

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A senior Huntsville Muskoka resident was reassured when he went in for a routine medical procedure this week at the Bracebridge hospital that enhanced protection measures have been implemented. In a Facebook Post Evan German shared his experience.

"My eyes were opened to the coronavirus today, at least here in Bracebridge. When we went to the hospital, the main entrance is closed, with big signs all over. Luckily for us, handicapped parking is closer to the Emergency entrance. At the Emerg entrance, we had to sanitize our hands, and the inner doors were open with a nurse in bio-hazard suiting and a security guard just inside. The screening was simplified because I had an appointment for day surgery and after questioning I was allowed in, surprised they did not have the heat sensing temp gun, but my wife was not allowed (serious NO VISITORS), she had to leave the hospital even tho she had her walker and was willing to wait just inside at the triage station. Before going to day surgery, I had to stop at admitting and show my Health card, re-answer the same questions they just asked at the door, and then have my chart and admitting papers passed to me to take to day surgery (normally they would already be there). At the day surgery suite, I was allowed in the waiting area, but only allowed to pass the papers through the door, and had to remove shoes and coat and wait a few minutes. When admitted, hands sterilized again, the nurse inside asked the same questions again, then had me change into hospital gown. From there things looked normal except fewer nurses (usually 4 but only 2.)

So, to summarize, limited entry to the hospital, modified procedures even once inside, still good care but understaffed. I never worried about my operation or the results, but worried about the hospital staff and really sick people coming to Emerg for care, just a little."

German told Muskoka Post that he "found it reassuring that even here, with no reported cases, obvious and careful precautions were being made."

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