Muskoka’s Barefoot Sue Ice Water plunges Featured on Emmy Award winning talk show The Doctors

Cold Water Immersion to Banish Winter Blues

Sue Regan Kenney ( was invited by the US TV talk show to plunge in icy Lake Couchiching following a viral TikTok video which has amassed more than 9.5 million views.

Kenney has become a local barefoot celebrity and is about to explode internationally. The Doctors segment with Kenney calls attention to her Wimhof Ice Water Immersions and its benefits.

On Wednesday February 10 Sue Regan Kenney ( Barefoot Sue) will be featured on The Doctors in an interview outlining the benefits of cold therapy, especially ice water immersion. Audiences world-wide will watch Kenney plunge in Lake Couchiching in nothing but her bathing suit in minus 20C live on the show. Kenney’s Wimhof practice has placed Northern Ontario on the map.

Kenney has been an advocate of barefoot walking and has been living the lifestyle for over 10 years. Barefooting in the snow led her to meet Ice man Wim Hof. In 2017 she was trained by him in Poland at the Wim Hof Method Instructor Certification. Kenney has committed to serving humanity by sharing the healing power of nature. Last year her TikTok channel @Barefoot Sue went viral as she began posting her Muskoka barefoot adventures.

Kenney’s appearance on The Doctors will focus on the benefits of ice plunges;


Mental and Physical Wellness

Building Strength

Reducing Stress

Kenney and the Dr's will offer tips and ideas for people to adapt to the cold and includes interviews with Dr. Andrew Orden, Dr Sonia Batra and Professor Mike Tipton, a thermoregulation expert from UK.

Kenney says she bathes in the icy waters of Lake Couchiching daily to improve mental and physical health. She is a level 2 instructor and trusts the science behind the WimHof Method; Pre-pandemic Kenney also led Barefoot Earthing Experiences via Airbnb in Muskoka.

“Let's show our Canadian and international audience how powerful the cold can be to keep us happy, healthy, and strong,” said Sue Kenney. "My passion is to share the benefits of using our Canadian winter and cold water to contribute to our physical and mental wellness, especially during the pandemic. Doing an ice plunge in the lake on a syndicated show like The Doctors is an exciting opportunity to demonstrate what is possible and to share my message to a worldwide audience to inspire people to embrace winter.”

The Doctors is a nationally syndicated show and before Feb. 10 you can use this website to find local air times:

After the show airs follow this link to stream the episode:

Kenney can be reached on her social media channels as well as via email or her website

IG: @CaminoSue

Facebook: @SueReganKenney

TikTok: @Barefoot Sue

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