Muskoka’s Construction Companies and Builders Raise Over $80K for Local COVID-19 Support

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Muskoka Post Staff

The Construction Industry throughout the entire Muskoka-Parry Sound District has embarked on a significant Relief Effort Fundraiser as a result of the COVID-19 emergency conditions.

In only 5 days, a formative group within the Industry has raised over $80,000 and were able to deliver $24,000 to four local foodbanks yesterday, in time for Easter.

The Relief Fund Leadership Team has several financial goals.  The first one hundred thousand dollar goal, may be achieved by this weekend.  Funds will be donated to three key areas:

1 Much needed equipment for 3 Hospitals in Bracebridge, Huntsville and Parry Sound.

2 Community Food Programs for four local Food Banks.

3 Financial support for two local women’s shelters within the Muskoka Women’s Advocacy Group.

Thomas Cowden, V.P. on the Board of the Muskoka Builders Association, shared thd good news.

“On behalf of our entire Construction Industry and the Muskoka Builders Association within it, we are very proud to provide funding for these key platforms of our society.  Yesterday we were able to meet an immediate need, providing funding of $24,000, to 4 local Food Banks in time for Easter”.  

Association Directors, Kurt Browne, and Mike Archambault personally delivered 4 cheques of $6,000 each, to the Manna Food Bank, Table Soup KitchenFoundation, Harvest Share Community Food Program, and the West Muskoka Food Bank. Socially distancing from the recipients, 6 foot over-sized cardboard cheques were presented.

”Our entire Construction Industry has come together and will continue to do so, for the good of our communities in the Muskoka-Parry Sound Region.  For all of us, even as competitors, this is the right thing to do, making an immediate impact,“ said Archambault.

Funds may be donated through the Muskoka Builders Association website or a special Muskoka Parry Sound ReliefFund - GoFundMe account. For more information on donations please visit                    or search: gofundme-muskokaparrysoundrelieffund

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