Muskoka’s Gamble Farm says national egg carton shortage is causing packaging issues

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Agatha Farmer

The Gamble Farm in Port Sydney is experiencing a problem the business has never encountered before.

Owner Ali Gamble announced on the farm’s facebook page that there is a shortage of egg cartons in Canada.

“This has been a tough year to say the least for a lot of businesses and individuals alike.

Due to COVID-19 we are experiencing a national egg carton shortage. Some of you have raised concerns about us using plastic cartons. Those were a band aid solution as our supplier of pulp cartons ran out. We have now been notified that ALL CARTONS are back ordered till August.

The large egg companies get priority as they purchase by the container load, however small guys like us get the cut.

In order to deal with this we will now be selling our eggs in FLATS of 30 eggs! We know some of you prefer to purchase this way however it is not ideal for others.

We appreciate your support and welcome your continued feedback.”

Gamble says that she is not sure how long the back order might last but is speculating possibly into September.

“All manufacturers are operating at full capacity ... Food packaging is becoming increasingly scarce. This is one way our local company has been forced to adapt to these unprecedented times,“ Gamble said.

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