Muskoka trainer Ashley Moore dispels body image Fear Mongering in Fitness industry

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Ashley Moore

How many of you are reading these messages and thinking “I’ve heard most of these” or “wow I never really thought of these as fear-mongering.”

Well, let me tell you WHY they are. The fitness industry is a major money making industry that thrives off of people’s insecurities and sells you ideas/products based off your FEAR! You’re probably wondering “why is she saying this? Don’t you work in the fitness industry?”

Yep I do, but it’s my responsibility to call out the harmful messages that this industry pushes at you daily! I do not subscribe to the fads, the all or nothing mentality or the unrealistic body images that are portrayed “optimal” or “ideal.” Let me also say it’s not all bad! There are some incredible trailblazing companies, coaches and even magazines that are changing the game.

Cardio is good for you, if you love it, do it but try to incorporate strength training too. Only total daily protein intake matters (there are some exceptions but this applies to extreme circumstances.)

Food is FOOD- some have MORE nutrients, some have LESS. Let’s drop the good vs. Bad and prioritize whole foods without guilt of occasional burgers and fries.

NO MORE CHEAT MEALS! What exactly are you “cheating” on?

Sugar, in small amounts (even daily) will NOT hurt you as long as your diet is relatively healthy and you have a healthy body composition (or working towards that.) You do not need to EARN your carbs! You’ve earned them by being alive! If it makes you feel better, use them to fuel your workouts.

No more fear, no more guilt! When you think about your diet, think about your overall health. That includes physical and mental. Striving for perfection usually leaves us restricted ... restriction leads to unhealthy eating behaviours.

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