Muskoka Victim Services is Open and Available to Help During COVID-19

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Muskoka Post Staff

Muskoka Victim Services is reminding the community that during the COVID-19 health emergency, they are still here for residents.

Even though the organization is mostly working remotely and have put some modifications in place to protect everyone’s health and safety, staff are continuing to work around the clock to ensure victims receive the vital and immediate supports and services they need.

Victim Services understands that this is a challenging time and staying home is unfortunately not always the safest option in certain households. Victim Services is still available for support and you do not need to remain in a dangerous situation. Muskoka Victim Services is encouraging anyone who is unsafe at home or has been affected by a crime or tragic circumstance and would like support, please contact us at: Telephone: 1-844-762-9945 Email:

The organization said that it “is imperative that we all pull together during this difficult time of social distancing and self-isolation. With limited options for victims to come forward, especially victims of domestic violence, we are also relying on neighbours, friends and family to help keep an eye out and ensure resources are being shared. Victim services does not operate solely as a referral service but also provides immediate emotional and practical assistance to individuals in a wide-range of circumstances, including, but not limited to: assaults, criminal harassment/stalking, elder abuse, human trafficking, and sexual violence. While the needs of each victim varies, the typical support victim services provides are safety planning, access to food, and arranging for emergency accommodations and counselling.”

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