MUSKOKA VOTE 2019 - Gord Miller, Green Party, on Muskoka’s housing crisis and spring flooding

MUSKOKA VOTE 2019- We asked all five Parry Sound- Muskoka federal candidates two questions: one in regards to the housing crisis and the second about the recent Muskoka flooding.

Green Party candidate Gord Miller has provided Muskoka Post with his answers.

Question: What is your outlook on the current housing crisis in Muskoka and what do you see might be possible solutions to this issue?

Miller: “The current housing crisis in Muskoka is a severe problem. Much of the immediate solution depends on action at the provincial and municipal levels of government but in the past that was driven by financial support from the federal government.

But in more recent years that federal support for co-ops, rental housing, social housing and supportive housing has languished. The Green Party says that the current crisis requires that the Federal Government restore that support. For example, we would create a Canada Co-op Housing Strategy that would update the mechanisms for financing co-op housing, in partnership with CMHC, co-op societies, credit unions and other lenders.”

Question: Can you comment on the historic flooding which occurred in Muskoka this past spring and what in your opinion is the first step to mitigating such disasters in the years ahead in the region of Muskoka? 

Miller: “The recent Muskoka flooding is a manifestation of the climate emergency that is unfolding before our eyes. As serious as it was we were more fortunate than many other communities like Houston, Texas in the past few days where extreme rainfall has resulted in loss of several lives.

The long-term way to deal with this crisis is to recognize that action is necessary to reduce our greenhouse gas emissions by getting off fossil fuels.

In the short-term we have adapt to the new climate reality. That will mean recalculating the flood plain and what is called the IDF curves (Intensity, Duration and Frequency of rainfall) and looking for opportunities to protect shorelines and dwellings and possibly the purchase of properties that will have to be cleared and re-naturalized so that the watershed can absorb flood waters with less damage.”

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