N95 Masks from China received in Canada fail standards tweets Chinese Embassy & puzzles officials

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The Chinese Embassy in Canada tweeted this post on the morning of May 4.

“It's reported that 1 million face masks exported to Canada from China failed to meet proper standards for health care professionals. The latest thing we've found out from communication with Global Affairs Canada is that the problem was a contractual matter and has been resolved.”

Global News posted a tweet early Tuesday morning on May 5 reporting that ”the statement, which was tweeted by the Chinese embassy in Ottawa, perplexed Canadian officials.”

Health Minister Patty Hajdu told reporters who inquired about the tweet that she will have to get back to them regarding the post with more details as she didn’t “have that technical information right now.”

Interestingly, it was inspectors in Hajdu’s department who rejected the shipment of N95 masks, which arrived in Canada in the third week of April.

It has also been reported that on more than one occasion, in both Canada and elsewhere, including Finland, the Netherlands and Spain, Chinese-made products were returned when they failed to meet national standards. In addition to the N95 masks, Canada also apparently rejected a shipment of swabs for use in COVID-19 tests from China because they were mouldy.

This is a developing story and will be updated as further information becomes available.

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