On Nov. 11 Gravenhurst residents saw workers in hazmat gear at Bay Street; Reason - Arsenic in soil

Agatha Farmer

GRAVENHURST - On Nov 11 Gravenhurt residents reported seeing workers wearing hazmat suits in the Bay Street and Muskoka Road North area.

Jason Harnett, Gravenhurst communications director, said Elexicon Energy employees and contractors were performing work at their Bay Substation, located in the Bay Street and Muskoka Road North area that week.  

"They indicated to us that due to the nature of the work they would be doing, they would be in protective gear. They did not indicate any disruption to the public," said Harnett.

Chris Mace, Elexicon Energy corporate communication representative, said field staff and contractors commenced ground grid work and the installation of new fencing at the Bay Substation.

"Due to the presence of arsenic in the soil at the station – likely from historical weed spraying over many years – the workers are dressed in disposable coveralls and wearing half-mask respirators. Steps were also taken to ensure dust was not created for Elexicon staff, contractors or local residents," Mace said.  

Work at the site was delayed due to weather and wrapped up on Nov. 12.

Muskoka Post will be following up this article with a story regarding arsenic in soil in our local communities and the possible connection to weed spraying. Stay tuned.

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