Ontario government to cut daycare funding forcing Muskoka municipalities to pay 20 percent of costs

MUSKOKA - This afternoon Premier Ford is expected to announce funding changes to daycares across Ontario.

Starting on Jan. 1, 2020 municipalities will have to pay 20 per cent of the cost of creating new child-care spaces, which the province previously fully funded.

Current the Ontario Ministry of Education is responsible for funding, licensing and developing policy to support the provision of licensed child care. The province provides funding to municipalities and First Nations for child care fee subsidies, wage subsi- dies, special needs resourcing and administration.

In a May interview with the CBC Education Minister Lisa Thompson said municipalities need to find efficiencies.

"We need to be taking a look at realizing efficiencies because municipalities across Ontario have left child care spaces on the table and that's not acceptable," said Thompson, suggesting spaces at city-run child care centres go unfilled,” she said.

"We're encouraging the administrations at municipalities or within municipalities around the province to take a look at how they're administering the programs and for goodness sakes do not leave any child care space on the table."

The municipality of Toronto has already warned that funding cuts could result in the loss of child care subsidies.

We want to hear from Muskoka parents and local daycare providers about how these cuts will impact your life.

Have you contacted your Parry Sound - Muskoka MPP Norm Miller regarding daycare funding?

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