Ontario registered nurse who worked with confirmed Covid patients says her knowledge isn't from CP24

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A nurse who wanted to remain anonymous has a message for educators and school boards pushing for online learning vs in person instruction for the September 2020 school year.

"I am a registered nurse in a leadership role. Reason why I mention it is that due to my role and responsibilities involved I work closely with public health, doctors and other health care providers as well as I communicate directly with the ministry and receive direct directions from the ministry, in other words my knowledge comes from real life experiences and not CP24.

I have worked throughout this whole pandemic, even more than ever. No days off or vacations until now. I felt safe at work with ppe or no ppe (to clarify, following IPAC guidelines, PPE when providing care to individuals with confirmed infections) and trust me when I tell you, you cannot physically distance as a nurse nor would I want to. Not once did I feel that my children (5 and 3) were unsafe because of my job. And yes, I did work with CONFIRMED (not speculated) covid + individuals. I honestly do not understand this fear that has gripped our society and prevents people from rational thought. If I as a nurse feel safe working up close and personal why is there so much fear coming from teachers?

Especially that expert after expert are demonstrating time and time again how children are low risk population and are are NOT “super spreaders." What if all of a sudden fire fighters decide that they don’t want to go to work because it’s high risk? Police? Point is that there is an element of risk and there always has been. THERE ARE AND HAVE BEEN INFECTIOUS DISEASE PRIOR TO COVID- ANNUAL INFLUENZA CAN BE DEADLY AND DOES AFFECT CHILDREN AND IS DANGEROUS TO THEM. Life must go on. Children are the future of Canada! They deserve happy, healthy environment and healthy, not only physically but also MENTALLY, future.

Do teachers realize that any element of online learning and cuts to the school budget associated (and you know there will be) is just getting Ford what he wanted. All your striking will be for naught. And don’t kid yourself that it’s temporary; once implemented it will stay. Job loss will follow as many teaching positions will become obsolete. New grads-good luck to you, may as well retrain. School that you spent months fighting for earlier this year will disappear forever."

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