Open Letter to Doug Ford from a Muskoka Construction Company Owner; 'Sir, I’M SCARED'

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To the Honourable Doug Ford I am a 46-year-old owner of a construction company in Muskoka. I’m also suffering from COPD. I’m writing this letter out of strong concerns I have regarding the essential service list. How is constructing someone’s 2nd or 3rd seasonal home an essential service? Jobsites in Muskoka largely are elite level cottages and generally have 20-30 people on site at any given day. Limited or most often no handwashing stations, confined spaces, forced exposure to random people of unknown background.

Often there is only one Portable bathroom on site to service these men. Now that positive infection cases are showing up in Muskoka, I can tell you with certainty our work force will be crippled by this virus. As a small business owner, a subcontractor I’m told by clients the government is allowing you to work so come to work or we will use someone else who will. This is unacceptable. We are pressured to work through this pandemic so rich cottagers can have a nice patio or cabin for guests when this passes. I’m asking my government to protect us. We don’t need to be building summer retreats for the wealthy at the expense of our health and that of our families we have to come home to. I’m bullied into working now for the long-term survival of my company. If I refuse to work, I will lose my clients to another service provider who will risk it and with that a year’s worth of employment.

Sir, I’M SCARED with my condition that I will not survive if a contract this virus. I’m scared I could bring it home to my wife and son. I’m scared if I stop working, I will lose my company’s future. These construction sites are unsafe working environments and transfer stations for viruses. If safety comes first shut these sites down before it’s to late. We generally have 2 types of people on these sites. Older less healthy trade masters, who are high risk and younger people that are in the mind set that they are invincible and aren’t concerned about the virus. It’s a toxic mix that is going to cause a major outbreak. My guess is within a few weeks. I hope I’m wrong and I hope you do the right thing and protect us from these unsafe and unsanitary jobsites.

Thank you for your time.

Anonymously signed so I can continue to provide for my family.

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