Opinion: 'Facebook Fury' over recently pointed out spelling of Center on a Muskoka sign

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Ruby Truax

I’ve decided to coin a new expression: “Facebook fury”.

An MTO sign has been standing on Highway 60 for over ten years now. Do you see anything wrong with it?

Last week, on their Facebook page, a local news source pointed out that the sign uses the American spelling for the word “center" rather than the typical Canadian spelling (centre).

People reacted strongly. Never mind that most of them hadn’t noticed this for the past ten years. Now that it has been pointed out to them here on Facebook, they are outraged. There were 124 comments on that post, the majority of which demanded that the sign be changed.

“Change it to the proper spelling. Last time I looked, this is Canada.”

“It’s incorrect. It needs to be fixed.”

Some folks were a little more annoyed.

“That is American spelling and is offensive.” wrote one commenter.

“Does the MTO not know how we spell in Canada?”

“Why should we have to look at this offensive error?” wrote another commenter.

“It is offensive spelled that way!”

Come on, people. Offensive? How big of a problem is this really? The sign accurately points travelers in the direction they want to go. It reflects well at night. There have been no issues or complaints for over ten years. But as soon as a Facebook page points out this inconsistency, people are outraged, insisting that replacing the sign should be a prioritized use of taxpayer money. Facebook fury.

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