Over 100 bras cut and stolen from the Severn Bridge Bra Fence; A 'whodunit' unfolds

Photos: Heather Morrison

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Agatha Farmer

A week ago to Heather Morrison's amusing surprise the Severen Bridge fence bra's were cut down and stolen.

Photo: Heather Morrison//The bare fence following the theft of the bras

Morrison had over 100 bras hanging on her farm on Southwood Road. They had gathered there over time since 2013. The theft of the bras was a hit with her immediate neighbours.

"We all really liked watching the tourists stop and take pictures and add to the collection," she said. The bra fence inspiration was brought to Canada by Morrison and her sister from New Zealand.

"She was on a work Visa there for a year and came across The Cardrona Bra fence in Wanaka and thought it was the coolest thing - they had thousands lining the whole farm. We decided that we have a fence and old bras so we would start one. It was just for fun and started with just six that we had laying around. We quickly had new additions and several had dedications written in them for loved ones that had passed due to breast cancer. It started out as fun but for some it became a memorial," Morrison said.

At last count the fence was beginning to re-assemble its new boob holder collection with the addition of 13 bras. Morrison herself added two. Check out this unique story and follow along at @severnbridgebrafence on Instagram. If you would like to add to the collection the Severn Bridge bra fence is on the south west corner of Canning and Southwood.

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