Own a Muskoka business? Need an investor? Muskoka Founders Choice Awards Increased to $30,000

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The Muskoka Founders Choice Awards are increasing from two to three prizes in 2020, the total prize money will also increase from $20,000 to $30,000. First prize is $15,000, second is $10,000 and the third prize is $5,000. The organization is currently accepting applications at muskokafounderscircle.com until March 15.

The Muskoka Founders Circle is a group of Muskoka business leaders dedicated to economic development in the region.

"We are excited by the continued great response to our competition," said Rick Dalmazzi, executive chair of Muskoka Founders Circle, "We increased the prize money last year, and we were motivated to do it again this year."

Founders Choice Awards are given to Muskoka based entrepreneurs judged to have the most promising new business. Any full time Muskoka resident over the age 18 can apply. Applicants are asked to write a brief description of their business and explain why they believe it will be successful. Five finalists are chosen and the awards will be presented at the third annual IMPACT Awards event on April 23 at the JW Marriott in Minett.

The IMPACT Awards is a red-carpet gala dinner event hosted by Parry Sound Community Network to celebrate the accomplishments of entrepreneurs in the Muskoka and Parry Sound area.

"We are pleased to include the Founders Choice Awards in our event," said PMCN executive director Stuart Morley, "The IMACT Awards is a fitting way to celebrate the entrepreneurial spirit that is alive and well and gaining momentum in Muskoka and Parry Sound."

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