Pregnant Muskoka Resident Worries Moms-To-Be Are Slipping Through COVID-19 Health Care Cracks

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Halley Clover

Just wanted to shed light on the fact that pregnant women are slipping through the cracks at the moment with Covid-19 and the governments protection. Those of us who are being laid off due to social distancing restriction and necessary precautions and qualify for EI now will not qualify for EI when our babies arrive. Essentially we have to choose to either stay at home unpaid, stay working putting ourselves, babies, and others at risk or time with our babies when they arrive. The government should be waiving sick note requirements for pregnancy sick leave or waiving EI hours used during Covid-19 in order to stay home and protect our babies and communities. Being pregnant is already a stressful time, with all these other risk factors we are feeling extremely anxious. There is very limited data on the effects of the virus on pregnant women and their babies at present. How much data needs to be collected before we feel protected? The fact is pregnant women have two bodies to look after, therefore Health Canada needs to consider us high risk so we get protected. Concerned Muskoka pregnant resident.

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