Primp & Pop Event Co. fires up 'Love Actually' magic at a December Muskoka elopement

Photo by Lenny + Hume courtesy of Primp & Pop Events & Co.

Photo by Lenny + Hume courtesy of Primp & Pop Events & Co.

Photo by Lenny + Hume courtesy of Primp & Pop Events & Co.

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Agatha Farmer

A recent Muskoka elopement organized by Muskoka's pop up wedding experts Primp & Pop Event Co. has tugged at our heartstrings and so we simply needed to share.

If you are a romantic at heart and love romantic movies you are certainly familiar with Love Actually. Primp & Pop recently posted a wedding blog about a December wedding which had all the cinematic magical feels as the movie.

It began when in November the groom reached out to the event company, which they admit was "unique in itself - not the norm - but a pleasant turn of events."

They learned that Bill is a two time cancer survivor and believes he beat the disease so that he could meet his fiancé Sarah and spend his life with her. Primp & Pop took on the challenge of making this experience a special one for Bill and Sarah. Through "sneaky investigation" they discovered that Sarah's favourite film was Love Actually.

In their blog the company explains how they pulled off that holiday, rustic cabin, Muskoka winter vibe with the northern beauty of the Limberlost Forest and Wildlife Reserve as backdrop.

"We ask Bill if we could help him plan a little surprise for Sarah. He, without hesitation, said 'Yes', and the rest fell into place quite easily. Love Actually 2019 in Muskoka was a go!

Bill sent us a few tidbits about their story for the cue cards, and we worked with our fabulous photographer to plot the perfect timing. The logical answer was to suggest a first look prior to the ceremony, so that we could get some images of Bill and Sarah seeing one another for the first time. Tricky, in the sense that they were getting ready in the same cabin, but they were very open to being locked in separate bedrooms! Hahaha…

We had Bill stand outside the front door (so the setting was wintery and lovely… and also mirrored Juliet & Peter in Love Actually)... Carlyn prepped Sarah for the “first look”, the door opened, the music started, and WELL, we’ll just leave you with these photos."

Photo by Lenny + Hume courtesy of Primp & Pop Events & Co.

You can view the rest of the breathtaking photos by photographer Lenny + Hume on the Primp and Pop Event Co. website here.

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