'Put A Sock In It' Gravenhurst High School is collecting new socks for local shelters; #20KSockDay

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For the second year Gravenhurst High School is participating in #20KSockDay. The school is collecting new socks to donate to local homeless shelters and raise awareness of the 200,000 Canadians who will face homelessness this year. Muskoka is part of this statistic and has a growing homeless population amid the current housing crisis. To support and donate to the school drop off new, clean socks in the box at the GHS main office.

20K Sock Day is a WE BE US initiative to get 20,000 socks donated to shelters across Canada. On Feb. 21 WE BE US and their Sock Day partners will be donating socks to homeless shelters, to help the over 200,000 Canadians who experience homelessness every year. ​

​Across the nation Canadian schools, businesses, organizations and individuals will be donating. Everyone is welcome and encouraged to take part in 20K Sock Day by collecting new socks and donating them to shelters in your communities.

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