Simcoe Muskoka Health Unit & RVH running out of Syringes for Covid Vaccines says internal memo

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Agatha Farmer

Muskoka Post has anonymously received an internal memo which has been sent to Simcoe Muskoka dentists from the Simcoe Muskoka Health Unit urgently seeking 1cc syringes.

The memo states that the Royal Victoria Health Centre and the Simcoe Muskoka District Health Unit are having difficulty sourcing 1cc syringes.

"Our experience has been that if we use 1cc syringes to extract the doses once they are reconstituted, we can often get 6 doses out of the 5 multi-dose vials. However, we are having difficulty sourcing these as they are in very short supply. Obtaining these syringes would allow us to provide substantially more immunizations to high risk individuals. We are reaching out to our community partners to see if anyone has a supply of 1cc luer-lock syringes or 1cc syringe with attached 1" safety needles available that they could offer to the covid-19 immunization clinic."

How do we deliver vaccines as Doug Ford has suggested without having the vehicle necessary to deliver vaccines.

Sources who work in Western Canada have confirmed this is not just a local issues.

"There is a massive shortage of 1CC syringes. They have magically cut Vaccine Dose from 2 to 1 and are trying to make do by using 1 CC syringes. So how is this possible. Why are massive Hospitals funded to the tune of hundreds of millions even billions begging little Dental Clinics for supplies. Tax Payers have paid billions for Strategic Reserves at Federal and Provincial levels so where are they, and where are the reserve audits? Trudeau had 5 years to refit and build surplus, Ford had 2 years; neither did."

The salaries our bureaucrats and politicians receive should command more competency than what we are currently receiving for our hard earned tax payer money.

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