Statement from Muskoka Lakes Association puts JW Marriott on notice for order compliance

Agatha Farmer

MINETT - Sewage spillage, including raw sewage, from the JW Marriott Rosseau system date back to July 2015.

The problem re-occurs in July 2018 and again as recently as June 30 and July 1 of this year. 

The Ministry of Environment, Conservation and Parks issued a non-compliance work order for the resort in July. 

In a September update from the district of Muskoka the MECP is satisfied that the order is being complied with.

The Muskoka Lakes Association has released a statement on the Marriott sewage spill. 

“The Muskoka Lakes Association (MLA) is hugely concerned by this summer’s JW Marriott sewage spills and will be closely monitoring the situation to ensure the Marriott meets all the reporting and operating requirements imposed by the province - which are to be in place by September 30th. 

We appreciate and support the efforts of Mayor Harding and the Township of Muskoka Lakes and District Chair Klinck and the District of Muskoka to ensure that the sewage treatment system at the JW Marriott is brought into compliance. We will be providing members an update following September 30th and in the event of non compliance, the MLA will actively re-engage on the matter. “

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