The Sweet Life! Classic Canadian Butter Tarts; Raisins or No?

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Christine Kropp

Did you know? Canada is famed with creating a few delightful sweet treats!  The Nanaimo bar, Saskatoon Berry pie, Blueberry Grunt, Beaver Tails, Tarte au Sugar, and the Butter Tart.

Butter tarts are made with butter, brown sugar, vanilla, and cream. An easy recipe that mixes up quickly, you can make your tart pastry or pick up some from the grocers’ freezer.  Many additions have been tried in these sweet tarts, various types of nuts, bacon bits, coconut, skor bits, dried fruit, chocolate chips, but to the purest, just filling is best.

An adventure outside our borders would find southern pecan pie, a yummy close second to the butter tart.  Many will debate their favourite butter tart - Raisins or not? Runny or firm filling?  Thick pastry or thin? Add maple syrup and enjoy the ultimate Canadian delight.

Tips from the Pro …

Runny tart filling, add an extra egg

Overmixing the filling will cause it to bubble over

Keep tart shells cold, this will help the pastry from cracking during baking

DID you know ..

There is a butter tart tour in the Kawarthas

There is a butter tart festival in Midland

The first written reference was a recipe called A Filling for Tarts in a 1911 cookbook compiled by The Women's Auxiliary of Royal Victoria Hospital in Barrie, Ont.

What is your favourite butter tart, do you like raisins?  

Comment below and tell us your butter creation!

Recipe from the Joy of Cooking

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