The Sweet Life with Christine Kropp; Holiday Hot Chocolate & Marshmallows

Christine Kropp

One of my favourite Christmas traditions is waking up Christmas morning with the excitement that Santa had arrived. While sitting around the tree opening gifts, my mother would make us hot chocolate with homemade marshmallows. I loved the festive shapes my mom would cut the marshmallows into, especially the snowflakes that almost filled the top of the mug.

This holiday season, I would love to share with you our family’s hot chocolate and homemade marshmallow recipe.  Click on over to my website

Wishing you the very best of the season, and that you may enjoy this sweet treat surrounded by those you love.

Happy Holidays!

CHRISTINE KROPP .. I use my experience as a hotelier, a baker, a hospitality expert, and a world traveller to help curate a life you don’t need a vacation from. My lifestyle blog “The Sweet Life includes food, fun and festive living.

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