Tired of the vampires Muskoka? How to remove mosquito breeding sites from your property

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A mosquito breeding site is any container or area that contains stagnant water. When stagnant water sits for more than seven days (time required for mosquito eggs to develop into adult mosquitoes), mosquitoes can breed. Examples of containers where mosquitoes can breed are: unscreened rain barrels, artificial ponds, bird baths, pool and boat covers, old tires, and lawn ornaments.

By preventing and removing breeding sites on your property, your risk of being bitten by a mosquito is reduced.

To prevent and remove breeding sites:

  • keep grass cut and trim shrubs and bushes;

  • fill ponds with Koi or other mosquito-eating fish (do not stock ponds that have an outflow to natural water sources, if stocking with non-native fish), and consult the Ministry of Natural Resources and Forestry before stocking any water body;

  • keep swimming pools, spas, and hot tubs chlorinated and covered tightly when not in use;

  • change the bird bath water weekly;

  • empty water from tires and tire swings;

  • empty buckets, wheel barrows, and pots;

  • store small boats and canoes upside down;

  • be sure boat covers do not have water;

  • drain or fill tree holes;

  • screen or eliminate water in sump pumps;

  • keep eavestroughs and rain gutters clean; and

  • drain plastic covers on lawn chairs and other outdoor equipment weekly.


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