To Keep Your Immune System Boosted You Need to Maintain You - Like you Maintain Your Car

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Aimee Sinclair

You’re driving through town and you see an antique car drive by. You can’t help but notice it and smile; it’s shinny, sparkly, sounds great, looks classy and like new in age. It’s so well maintained that you’re in awe of how great of condition it’s in. As people we’re not much different then the car used in this analogy. Yes we live and breath but then this should speak to you even more in the comparison. If you have a car and let it sit around parts begin to rust and seize. If you don’t wash it regularly rust builds up overtime and if you don’t maintain the fluid levels the maintenance just isn’t up to par. The car simply starts to run poorly. You’re still driving the car and putting kilometres on it but it is starting to smoke out the back, sound becomes louder through the exhaust and belts start to let go and stretch. The car now has a slight shake and vibration to it that wasn’t there before. You are frustrated and know that the car isn’t going to last much longer. Eventually you end up on the side of the road waiting for a tow truck or it won’t even start. When you go to an Antique car show you see many cars like the one that drove by you on the street and you are in awe over how maintained they are. Respect for the owner of the car, for all the hard work that's gone into it. Every detail looked after and maintained from the internal parts that make the car run to the body of the car being able to car those parts smoothly. They may have encountered a couple bumps in the road but do to the maintenance in most cases they were recovered and repaired to get more longevity out of the life of the car. Your body is no different. In order for it to run well you must care for it and you must feed your body lots of nutritious foods. Vitamin and mineral rich whole foods will provide your body with what it needs to run smoothly ensuring its best performance. Along with fuel comes maintenance of the body. Exercise and movement are extremely important for the body to continue to sustain the muscle needed to carry it through life. As we age we start to lose muscle mass but this can be improved and maintained by eating a diet with proper amounts of protein along side exercise to maintain or build muscle mass. Muscle is the tensor bandage to your joints and helps to avoid inflammation. Muscle helps with better balance and longevity. Food and Exercise help you stay more youthful like the car analogy. Yes in life we will age naturally but there is always a chance you can get sick. The key is if your body is given the proper fuel and maintenance your body is given the opportunity to have a hell of a fighting chance at beating it. Take care of your body and it will take care of you.

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