Town of Huntsville bridge construction site littered with cigarette butts and disposable masks

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Agatha Farmer

These photos of a Town of Huntsville bridge construction site on Etwell Road were taken on July 14. The project entails the construction of a new bridge and construction is adjacent to a body of water. The photos show dozens of cigarette butts thrown and left all over the site including a disposable mask discarded on the side of the site.

We asked Huntsville mayor Karin Terziano what the clean up and sanitary guidelines are for town construction sites and if there is supervisory oversight.

Terziano said that "this is a contract job and there are provisions in the contract that state a clean site is required. Our consultant has reached out to ensure clean up is done and proper disposal of cigarette butts is adhered to in future. The masks are not from the construction workers, however they will see to their clean up as well."

We pressed to ask if there is ongoing supervisory checks done on town construction sites given that cigarette butts can adversely affect Muskoka's wildlife, waterways and the regions environment in general.

Terziano said "oversight on a capital project like this is via our consultant." We asked for clarification if the town itself does supervisory checks on town contractors and if we could follow up with the consultant. We are still awaiting a reply and will update this article if one is provided.

Given a world pandemic and a push for sanitation and cleanliness it seems that the town should be further involved in its projects and their oversight.

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