Two weeks following school closure - What is the plan? Q & A with Ontario's Ministry of Education

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Muskoka Post Staff

Muskoka Post sent questions to Ontario's Ministry of Education regarding the long term plan for students. Our questions were specific to curriculum, online learning, access to the internet for children in Northern Ontario as well as the fate of grade 12 students.

Below are the questions we sent in and and the answer we received from the minister regarding the plan for Ontario's students during Covid-19.

Muskoka Post Questions:

Could you let us know what the plan is for students learning online or allowing parents to homeschool and will teachers be facilitating this?

What is the plan for kids who don't have access to the internet in Northern Ontario? 

Will high school students in grade 12 graduate their year?

How will this affect their post secondary education in September?

Will high school students be able to learn online for the remainder of the year?

Minister Lecce's Answer:

“In partnership with school boards and educators, our aim is to ensure every child - irrespective of ability, geography or socio-economic circumstance - can learn safely while at home. I have been speaking to parents of children with special education needs about the heightened challenges they face as we all respond to COVID-19. These parents need additional supports. That is why we announced an immediate $250 in support for families with a special needs child up to 21. We are also expanding parental resources and guides, reintroducing the support of front-line mental health and special education workers within our boards, and expanding professional development of our educators to empower them to support these children as best they can.”

Let us know if as a parents you are struggling to figure out how to best support your child's education continuation through Covid-19? If you have suggestions or ideas please submit them at .

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